Andre Ward Retires from Professional Boxing

Congratulations to an unblemished 32-0 career. The time was right – Andre has decided to step away from professional boxing. We will keep a close eye on his post career activities and will post updates here from time to time.

It has been an amazing ride. And thanks for all the memories from inside the ring, outside the ring, press conferences, weigh-in’s, public appearances etc.

One thought on “Andre Ward Retires from Professional Boxing”

  1. I was watching your interview with max and I said to myself let me try to reach out
    You said that you’re very interactive with your fans and I’m a big fan of your boxing but mostly your character like max seem to be
    My name isDerrick Billups and I’m 47 yrs old and striving to be more like you, baby face Kobe Bryant ( outside of his early mistake just his wife and the Shaq situation )
    I’d like to meet you one day
    I feel that I have some sense of common sense but not living up to my potential
    I need a push and help with some guidance
    Even a call would be great because I know you’re very busy
    My number is+1 (347) 650-8230 and I do answer blocked calls 😊
    Anyway I think you’re a great guy and proud of you as a black man !
    Take care !

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