Andre Ward Takes his 30th Win Tonight at Oracle Arena, Oakland

Ward dispatched with Brand after 12 rounds – winning all the rounds. Next up is Vegas on Nov 19th. More details coming soon from this fight and Andre’s next fight in Vegas.

Oracle Arena had a good excited crowd tonight; chanting SOG SOG at times, booing Sergey Kovalev, the Light Heavyweight Champion, when on screen.

Before Andre’s fight we caught the 1st round of Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker fight wih Tyrone Barnett for the NABO Junior Welterweight Championship. No other rounds to watch as Hooker beat up Barnett (knocked him down a minute into the fight) and KO’d him at 2:17. Hooker was the fan favorite.

The crowd waits patiently for Andre to enter; and there he is. He’s looking good, and ready.

Round 1
As with most fights, the opponents feel each other. Andre starts forcing Brand back. Nothing much in this round. The best I could give Brand would be a tie.

Round 2
We get some action in this round. Andre lands a head shoot; he takes to the center, moving Brand back and circlingthe ring. Brand looks cautious. Andre lands a good punch to Brands face just before the bell Andre wins round.

Round 3
Brand has an unusual style. He keeps his right up by his jaw and his left down across his waist; his arms seem to go all over he place. Jabs by Andre, he continues to bring the fight to Brand, working from the middle of the ring. There is some grappling this round; both respond well to the ref. Andre is more active than Brand.
Andre wins another one.

Andre backs up Brand, getting minor shots to the head. Seems that Andre is working the head tonight rather the body. He moves to the outside for a short time, still presses the fight. Brand is being tricky with his movement, but Andre lands a head shot and then another. Brand takes them well enough.
Another round for Andre

Round 5
Andre immediately lands a punch to Brands face. Both fighters (one actually is a boxer) circling each other in the center of the ring. Another head shot by Andre; he keeps chasing Brand. Andre connects to the head again as neither combatants is not hitting the body.
Andre takes round 5; looking good out there.

Round 6
They are tying each other up. Now Andre gets some body punches in. Brand get a glove to Andre’s head with no effect. Andre works his jab now; jabbing faster than Brand can block. SOG lands a nice punch to Brands face just before the bell. I don’ think Ward will lose any rounds. He is working hard and continues to back up Brand.

Round 7
Same ring tactics continues and Andre scores again. They grapple and Andre gets some kidney punches in. Andre’s able to block Brands somewhat wild punches. They trade some swings that miss. Brand gets it in the face again but he has been taking these OK. Brand has a small nick over his right eye.
Brand loses another round. It’s going to take a lucky wild KO for him to win.

Round 8
Nice punch to Brands face as the round opens. Andre continues to control the ring. Both fight in the middle now, trading punches with Andre being more accurate. With Brand moving his head so much, need to guess where it will be to hit.
Andre wins the round.

Round 9
Andre working Brands head, landing a hard one. One or two more and Brand goes down for a count. Another good head shot to Brand at the bell.
9th scored for SOG, doing the art of boxing.

Round 10
What can I say; same ol’ chase. Brand is covering up more; has his gloves up by his face. Brand’s probably tired of getting hit on the face and head. Andre lands a strong punch to his face at the bell.
Round to Andre

Round 11
A great shot to Brand’S face, a hard shot. Andre lands a right cross and he continues to move in and move Brand around the ring.
What else! Andre takes the round.

Round 12
Andre takes some ice on his left shoulder between rounds. A minute in, the referee takes time to look at Andre’s face. Blood? NO. Andre stays in the center, pressing Brand back. Some wild punching by Brand. Bell rings and the fighters hug.
Andre wins.

All 3 judges score the fight 120-108. Not a round goes Brands way; not a mark on Andre.

Select Rounds

Press Conference Comments

Here are a few photos from fight night:

ward-brand (2)

ward-brand (3)

ward-brand (4)

ward-brand (5)

ward-brand (6)

ward-brand (7)

ward-brand (8)

ward-brand (9)

ward-brand (10)

ward-brand (11)

ward-brand (1)

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