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Andre Ward, one of America’s great Boxers.

Andre, as a light heavyweight, won the United States’ only Olympic gold medal in boxing in the 2004 games; this was the first boxing gold since 1996. Andre was born February 23, 1984. At 32, he currently still lives and trains in Oakland California. He has three sons, Andre Jr., Malachi, Micah and a daughter Amira. Andre started boxing in 1994 and won over 90 matches as an amateur. In 2002 he won the Under 19 National Championship; and was a 2 time U.S. National Champion in 2001 and 2003. His Pro debut was against Christoper Molina on the Johnson-Traver undercard in Los Angeles. Since turning Pro in 2004 he has a record of 30 wins and 0 losses.

Since 2016 he has been fighting as a Light Heavyweight (prior to this he was Super Middleweight). Andre ended a layoff of about six months with a 6-round unanimous decision over Derrick Findley on the undercard of a bout between Vitali Kopitko and former WBO light heavyweight champion Julio Gonzalez. Fighting for the first time since tearing a ligament in his left hand, Ward did look a bit rusty in winning. He is being trained by his Godfather Virgil Hunter (Andre’s father died from cancer in August 2002, and he has dedicated his fights to his dad). He is signed with RocNation Sports for promotion and James Prince is his manager.

Andre fights with the orthodox right and southpaw stance. He has tremendous speed and technical mastery, to the point of being a coach in the ring. Andre is a polite young man and very mature for his age. His outlook is very positive and he puts a lot of faith in God.

Andre Ward- the next Sugar Ray? Maybe the next Ali!

Andre Ward Stats and Fight Record

Nationality American
Hometown Oakland, CA, USA
Birthplace San Francisco, CA, USA
Sex Male
Global ID 281958
Federal ID CA071631
Rated at Super Middleweight
Light Heavyweight
World Rank 3 / 1,163
Domestic Rank 1 / 201
Date of Birth 1984-02-23
Age 32
Reach 73″
Stance Orthodox
Height 6′ 1″
Trainer Virgil Hunter
Manager James Prince
Total Fights 31
Wins 31 (15 KO)
Losses 0
Nickname S.O.G (Son of God)*

*We think it might as well be “Speed over Ground”!

The Fights

# Date W/L Type RD Opponent
32 2017 Jun 17 Win TKO 8 Sergy Kovalev
31 2016 Nov 19 Win UD 12 Sergy Kovalev
30 2016 Aug 6 Win UD 12 Alexander Brand
29 2016 Mar 26 Win UD 12 Sullivan Barrera
28 2015 Jun 20 Win TKO 9 Paul Smith
27 2013 Nov 16 Win UD 12 Edwin Rodriguez
26 2012 Sep 8 Win TKO 10 Chad Dawson
25 2011 Dec 17 Win UD 12 Carl Froch
24 2011 May 14 Win UD 12 Arthur Abraham
23 2010 Nov 27 Win UD 12 Sakio Biko
22 2010 Jun 19 Win UD 12 Allan Green
21 2009 Nov 21 Win TD 11 Mikkel Kessler
20 2009 Sep 12 Win TKO 3 Shelby Pudwill
19 2009 May 16 Win UD 12 Edison Miranda
18 2009 Feb 6 Win UD 12 Henry Buchanan
17 2008 Dec 13 Win TKO 3 Esteban Camou
16 2008 Jun 20 Win TKO 8 Jerson Ravelo
15 2008 Mar 20 Win TKO 7 Rubin Williams
14 2007 Nov 16 Win TKO 5 Roger Cantrell
13 2007 Jul 14 Win TKO 3 Francisco Diaz
12 2007 May 17 Win TKO 6 Dhafir Smith
11 2007 Mar 29 Win TKO 3 Julio Jean
10 2006 Nov 16 Win UD 6 Derrick Findley
9 2006 Apr 29 Win RTD 6 Andy Kolle
8 2006 Feb 23 Win UD 6 Kendall Gould
7 2005 Nov 19 Win UD 6 Darnell Boone
6 2005 Oct 1 Win KO 1 Glenn LaPlante
5 2005 Aug 18 Win RTD 3 Christopher Holt
4 2005 Jun 18 Win TKO 3 Ben Aragon
3 2005 Apr 7 Win DQ 3 Roy Ashworth
2 2005 Feb 10 Win UD 6 Kenny Kost
1 2004 Dec 18 Win TKO 2 Chris Molina

10 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Andre Ward is inspiring christian youth and youth from the hood and to people who simply like to box in motivating them to work hard and fighting daily to seek more of God. Keep going don’t stop homie. I’m also doing a project research paper on Andre Ward showing the school both his boxing career and his life on God, if there is any more info or more background info you could tell me please e-mail me

  2. I second the comments by Joe below in regards to speaking arrangements. You are a true inspiration! It’s a shame that everyone in the world has not yet heard of you.How can that be? You have not lost a fight since you were 12 years old, last male American boxer to win a Gold Medal, several World championships, devoted husband/father and above all you have the formula for success– You are a Man of God!! No surprise why you have been so successful he is the ultimate foundation! I only pray that our youth can take notice and follow your lead and example! Your testimony is a true inspiration and should be applauded. GOD BLESS YOU!

    Matthew 6:33

  3. Hello, I was wondering if Andre does speaking arrangements. I would like to have him speak at my local church in Pleasant Hill, Ca. I am the Men’s Director for Oak Park Christian Center. Thank you and God Bless

  4. Im a boxing fan from Stirling, Scotland. its the monday after the Dawson fight and I have to say Im over the moon for Andre. To me this is the start of Andre proving to the world that he is the best pound for pound fighter. Saturday was a great peformance and it is an honour to see the rise of a fighter who is going to be remembred as a great. keep shining Andre. Scotland fight fans are behind you big time.
    peace and god bless 😉

  5. Andre ward is the best super middleweight in his division and ward should have the spot as the best number 3 pound for pound boxer in the world.


  7. Hey Champ! Congrats for the Abraham win! I’ve been following u for years and it’s been a pleasure. Love ur work ethic, skill and determination! As an former amateur boxer I’d like to differ from the previous comment. Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Ward will go down as the best of their era. U just keep doing what ur doing and always believe in yourself!

    Keep up the good work Champ!

    -John H. Finland

  8. I am a true boxing fan. I remember when Jersey Joe Wallcott knocked out Ezzard Charles like it was yesterday. My comment is that Andre Ward is the best boxer in the world today. My granddaughter Ashley McDill is the fiance to Roger Cantrell. who fought Andre in St Lucia. I cant think of any Light heavy that could beat Andre today. Andre Ward and Pacquio will go down in history as the best boxers in the world. Jim J. McDonald. Kent WA.

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