Ward vs. Miranda – Photos

These photos are from the Oakland Arena in Oakland California. Andre Ward boosted his record to a sterling 19-0 tonight (May 16, 2009) with a hard fought 12th round unanimous decision win over Edison Miranda.

After a hard fought fight over all of 12 round Andre Ward takes a unanimous decision over Miranda. One judge had it at 116-12 and the other two 119-109.  Not so close on points, but an exciting fight, seeing as this is the first major fight and victory for Andre on the way to the crown.

Andre opened Round One by pushing forward, taking the action to Miranda, coming in low. Ward gets backed up, and they come together. The ref separates the two, with Andre coming away with a bit of a wound. As the round ends Andre get a decent punch to Miranda’s head.

We had a bit to worry about Andre after the first round, as he received an accidental head butt from Miranda, opening a 1-1 ½ gash on his forehead above his left eye. The bleeding was contained very well the rest of the fight.

Miranda was not able to profit from Andre’s injury, going after it in the second round with a couple punches landing to Andre’s face.

Round Three goes pretty even, with both boxers getting some punching in but with no effect. The next few rounds Andre gets the points. He is the boxer against the fighter Miranda. We expect some hard punches from Miranda, but as in the Seventh lots of movement and short stuff going off from both fighters without either in any real danger

By the ninth round Andre’s eye lid area is a bit puffy and still a bit of a worry. There was no more bleeding though.

Miranda predicted a knockout in the tenth and he pressed Andre to work for that, to the point of Andre getting pushed/tripping to the canvas. No count. Lot of close in fighting after this, with the ref warning Miranda at one point for holding. Andre keeps earning the boxing points. Absolutely no knockout.

Entering the Twelfth Round Andre’s eye looks a bit worse, but no problem. He ends the fight moving quickly, having the fight by now. He lands some and Miranda tries but can’t do much. More dead on his feet than Andre.

Son of God takes another fight to go to 19-0. This was a major opponent and he was able to take it well.  A major championship fight is getting closer now.