Updated Fan Site for Andre Ward

This is the new *updated* fan site for Andre Ward – we are in the middle of a major conversion to the new site – bare with us as we deal with all the idiosynchrasities of WordPress.

Andre Ward Promotional Video:

More Andre videos can be found under his Bio on Showtime here

3 thoughts on “Updated Fan Site for Andre Ward”

  1. Hey Andre, 6-19-17

    It’s been awhile since we last communicated with each other, as I went through some tough times and became homeless for 1-1/2 years, living in a astro van up in the beautiful “White Mountains” of N/E Arizona.
    However, by the grace of “God”, my lord and savior “Jesus Christ”, helped me to recover once again, and now I doing rather well, and back on tract.

    Great fight performance and game plan Saturday night in Las Vegas against Sergey Kovalev. (the big mouth polooka).
    Perfectly timed and placed devastating body shots, that in my opinion “were not” low blows at all. Good thing the referee stopped the fight when he did, because Kovalev was in big trouble and could have been seriously hurt, if the fight continued.

    Way To Go Dre! “Heart & Soul”

    Blessings To You, Your Family, and Fight Team.
    May God Bless You Always,

    Jim Dutra (Jimmy D.)

  2. Hey dre I’m soooooooo proud of u and my mom told me she saw u at the gym so just hit me up sumtime I kno ur busy so whenever u get a chance .

  3. Looking good guys – I know you have a lot of photos and video to convert over – I’ll keep watching your progress.

    Go Andre!!!!!

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