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  1. Mr ward before your last fight I was your fan and I always thought u r the great box but my thinking is changed anybody can judge who hited hard and who deserve fight.
    This is unfair even I will never watch wbo,wbc fights again
    Mr ward for me boxer is not about 30-0or49-0 its about greatness,courage,will power,self respectand most important fair fight (kell is great fighter)because he had shown courage to fight GGG
    Its nothing personnel but I am dissapoint from this boxing professional championship

  2. I am a huge fan. I don’t have cablend and have to watch this fight. I would prefer to pay for it. Does anyone know how or where I can stream it live?

  3. Mr. Ward,
    Praying all is well with you. There is a Bay Area gospel rapper named Lee Majors. He and my son J. White have to CDs on iTunes I believe you will find inspiring– “the Good Life” and “Iron Sharpens Iron” Lee has a rap that reminds me of you everytime I hear it. I can see you coming up from the back entering the ring to this rap. I belive its called “Winners Anthem”. How appropriate it would be to have him compliment you with this exhilaratingly powerful and nspiring gospel rap–Oakland iron shapening iron.
    Be blessed,
    Mrs. White

    1. I was there Dave! I just sent you a link to my article in the Bay View, plus I have a ton of photos. How do I reach out to you? It’s been a minute….now that I know where the site is I can check!

  4. do you know if andre is working out where his fans can watch him between June 16 and June 19 and if so, where and when?

      1. ok, thanks Dave. I was hoping to see him shadow box, hit the speed bag, heavy bag, etc. if only for a short time. I know he’s done sparring, but was hoping to at least see him show off some of his skills. I can’t believe he won’t do some form of exercise in the next few days….

      2. I know he had a media only workout earlier today at King’s Gym – but I’m not aware of any public workouts in the next day or two. I’m trying to make either the press conference or the weigh-in before the actual fight (which I will definitely be there)….hopefully riding the euphoric high after a Warriors win tonight.

        1. thanks Dave. Andre’s fight time is 7 PM, right? My tickets say 3:00, but that must be for prelims. Do you know where the prelim schedule is shown?

          1. Yea, after Andre starting becoming the main attraction at the fights – his actual fight is always towards the end of the event. I haven’t see the prelim schedule yet – I’ll be sure to post it here once I do.

  5. Looking forward to Andre’s next fight on June 20th – it will be good to see him back in the ring

  6. Andre,

    Just wanted to say I think you set the bar (in and outside the ring) for boxing and what it stands for. You were my dad’s favorite boxer until he lost his battle to cancer in May. You’re pound for pound the best – keep it up!!!!

  7. Champ,

    I felt compelled to write to you concerning your 24/7 feature on HBO ( Chad Dawson) fight. Your commitment to faith and family was inspiring and refreshing to watch. Continue to live life using the 4H principles……High power,hunger, humbleness, and happiness! New fan- Luis Lugo (St. Paul, MN by way of the South Bronx)

    1. Malaika – I noticed that a week or two ago as well – not sure what is going on there – now I see his official site has been totally removed from Google – not sure if there is some licensing rights issue or not. I will ask him about that. This fan site is not going anywhere 🙂

  8. TKO! Dawson demolished at the Oracle in Andre Ward’s Oakland

    There is a smallish typo underneath the 3rd photo: It was a stunning left hook to Dawson’ temple, not a short chopping right. I felt it all the way up in the ceiling where I was assigned to sit by the Magna Media people that have taken over from the former PR company.

    I did however, take and submit to my editor for consideration, a series of photos in which it seemed that Dawson literally ‘blocked with his head,’ walking into short chopping right hand punches from Andre Ward on the inside. He did this more than once. These, I call ‘face plant’ punches, which is really a very rude way of saying that someone saw a punch coming, and couldn’t do squat about it, so they blocked w/ their head or face. This is bad. In boxing, when you start seeing punches coming and not being able to avoid them, it is time for a career change.

    My personal opinion is that Mr. Dawson should consider a lifestyle change; maybe become a ringside announcer, or something else, if he stays in the boxing profession.

    Don’t get me wrong: I am very staunchly and unswervingly an Andre Ward fan. Period. Forever. However I also do know, and can see what I’m looking at, so to speak.

    From the first, I was very seriously concerned about Mr. Dawson’s health. This was from the moment I first saw him at a press conference in Oakland, something that hasn’t ever happened before when I’ve seen Dre’s opponents. So I started looking for some of Dawson’s fights on You Tube, and have yet to be impressed. Andre Ward picked him apart at 168 lbs. If he ever moves up in weight, and Dawson is still light heavyweight champion, I’m not sure that Dawson will come out of the exchange in one piece, or sane. Because remember, Andre Ward is naturally an inside fighter, and inside is exactly where you’re supposed to be when fighting an opponent w/ longer reach and taller size. In my pre-fight article, ‘Ward fever,’ I predicted that Chad Dawson had a problem that he didn’t know about yet, and its name was Andre Ward. It seems that was very very true – more true even than I knew.

    1. Malaika – thanks for posting this. I’ve also added a link on our latest post. This is a heck of a time for Bay Area sports right now, eh? What a story with Andre, the A’s and the 49ers – not to mention the Giants. All looking very strong. I have a reporter who might be able to get some coverage for Andre in the NY Times – looking into that now.

      ~ Dave

      1. 11 September 2012

        Good Morning Dave:

        Hopefully all is well! Thanks for posting this! Do you know of a way that I can get more ringside spots for my photography? I’m having a real problem w/ being stuck in the nosebleed seats and it’s really bothering me. My editor looks at AP photos and sees that I have exactly the same photos, and more; but I’m so far away that it doesn’t matter. I think this is mostly because these guys don’t take the SF BAYVIEW newspaper seriously, which is wrong because we have a huge – and global – constituency; and are the second only to the FINAL CALL in the African-American community. It is so frustrating…Any suggestions you might have, I’m happy to hear. – Malaika

        1. Malaika – sorry for late reply – I’ve been on the road almost nonstop since mid August. With the switch of PR companies – it became more difficult to secure a decent spot to cover the fight. I applied 2x but was denied both times – feel free to list the fan site as one of your outlets when you apply for Andre’s next fight. I’ll try to reach out to him re this as well.
          ~ Dave

  9. My article, Ward fever, was written prior to the weigh-in. Both fighters weighed in at 168, so Chad Dawson made weight – which is good. This means that we will not hear any post-fight, weight related excuses.

  10. So, Andre “Dirty” Ward. You know you don’t deserve what you got. Eventually, it’ll catch up to you. Cheating will always be made…


  12. Eddie – yes, its inspirational when you have such fighter such as Andre who is so humble – letting his actions speak for themselves rather than words. Great fight tonight – no question about it.

  13. I felt proud of you and greater yet, you are the best thing to happen for american boxing since the greatest Ali. I am should you will being dignity back to the sport of boxing. Now, rest and set your targets on the two want to be warriors that keep avoiding each other. Thank you again for that outstanding performance.
    God bless

  14. So postponing the fight against Froch…for no valid reason. Afraid huh? You’re right…you should be…you just don’t have the class.

    Fighting dirty in and out of the ring…just ask Kessler…shame on you!

  15. ward is a great fighter, great fighters go down in history. Big mouths like froch are forgotten after fighters like ward shut there mouths. Froch is pumping himself up for the fight on October29th, let me say this now. I hope and pray ward puts you to sleep.

    1. not at all jake he bute is scared Andre Ward is cleaning up that division & also taking the IBF belt also in sometime in 2012

  16. Thanks Malaika – nice article as always. We will see you in Vegas – (hopefully at the MGM as Ward wants!).

  17. poor fight against abraham, a god champion dont take this dirty way to fight. that dont be boxing, only streetfighting.

  18. You are a true example of a Christian warrior and truly a son of God God bless you and ur family and the example ur setting to millions of our lost young people!!!!! Proclaim his name and praise him”Andre”from a fellow boxer and ur brother in christ”

  19. Malikia – sounds good. I’v been abroad for the past 2 months and just saw your comment. Finally had to implement an anti-spam plugin for the site – was getting too crazy.

    Let us know the URL of your photograpy site once its live.

    Yea, I hope to make the next fight – still waiting to hear where….

    May 14
    At TBA (Showtime): Super Six World Boxing Classic semifinals, Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham, 12 rounds, for Ward’s WBA super middleweight title

  20. Thankyou andre and family for your powerful example as christians. I lead a small group of boys at Crosspoint church in modesto,ca., and your name always comes up, mainly from me. The way that you fight and the words that you say have been very humbling to me and very inspirational. In my prayers, I will continue to lift you and your family up hopefully as much as your lives have lifted the rest of us. Thanks to God for the Ward Family!!!!

  21. 25 December 2010


    Thanks David, for posting my article!

    Did you see the first two articles:
    Ward’s Rules: Andre Ward defeats favored Mikkel Kessler for WBA middleweight world championship

    On the subject of ‘jive’

    I’m still new at this. I’ve been watching Andre Ward’s career since before he went to the Olympics. My website (which is under construction) will hopefully begin to reflect more of my photography – photojournalism – learning as I go includes learning how to design a website and manage a photography company simultaneously! 🙂

    But I definitely want to continue to follow Dre’s career – and that means being able to get to fights, press conferences, training sessions – and being able to keep my (first ever) ringside spot!

    I look forward to meeting you at the next fight – as soon as we find out where it is going to be!

    Thanks again!

    Malaika H. Kambon

    1. My brother in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Brother Ward I love your Spirit, and how you always give God the glory. May God continue to keep and Bless you my brother. You are in my personal opinion a true child of God. You possess a humble spirit, and I believe you, like the apostle Paul are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would only encourage you to stay with God, and He shall take you to higher heights. Pray for us, and we will pray for you. God bless you my Brother.

  22. Malaika – good article as always! Sorry I didn’t post this until this late – as we’ve been getting a lot of spam entries and I’ve had a hard time finding the legitimate posts. Looks like you were at the press conference – I’ll try to introduce myself at the next fight. ~ David Thompson

  23. Was anyone else at the Ward-Bika fight last night – how do you think Andre’s career is going so far. He’s a smart fighter, choose good oponents. The sky is the limit at this point.

  24. I am the boxing that comes from China fan, specially love to download your whole games, and I even want that the signature that get you shines on and electronics mailbox.Can.

  25. I enjoy watching you fight. I feel you can win the super six, if you stay forcus. I am a hughes boxing fan. Leanard Hearn 2 was a better fight to me. Bo Hoyfield 1 was a classic. All of the true champions have two things that make them great. Yes preparation and talent will carry you a little ways down road, but you have to have heart and forcus. Hope to see you fight one day. T

  26. what up champ….hows everything going my man havent seen you since i was driving in dublin.have you talked to terrence i was ###### with him everyday untoll i moved to texas.he lives in l.a now….anyways cuz you should hit me up to say hello i know ur busy…but im sure you could find time to say whats up to a friend…my number is ######## hope to hear from you soon. troy

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