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  1. Please post my comment to www. Andre ward.com- Andre would love to hear these comments about his many Irish Fans around the world and what John Duddy had to say about Andre being like the great ali. Please publish my comments nobody or few know about Frank ward, Andre is going to be so big after he defeats GGG with Jay-Z his promoter. Please publish or E-Mail my comments to Andre.

  2. Andre most know you have many great African Americans supporters out there. Who better than Jay-Z, one of the greatest business mind of the last 20 Years, from the start of his Clothing , Promotional, Records, soon Films and Sports. But there is a Tremendous Amount of Irish- American who would love to know who your Dad was Frank Ward, and there are maybe 90 Million Irish with mixed Blood some identity as Irish others as other ethnic groups. From a Business stand-point you can do no wrong with having 3 to 4 Million Irish American PPV fans that, Realize Ward is half Irish, because Andre that is the way America and the world is for Americans to be rooting for you to knock-out this, guy who has been fighting all under matched Fighters GGG or Genady, if you have no power you can fight GG, but he has not seen or maybe he has and is hiding, the Type of the Dawson fight he knows he could have been in the Super six and a Keseller or and Abraham or maybe a Young Taylor or Froch would have destroyed him, were was GGG hiding when the big 6 was announcing. As a Boxing Trainer myself, forget this HBO lampley, and Kellerman nonsense Talk GGG makes many mistakes in the Ring, he cuts the Ring off only to turn a guy without power who can not hurt him, against the Ropes and defenseless Knock the Fighter out. A great Fighter has to do Two Things Bust GGG up if you are throwing a left hook , short it with your elbow , Keep him of-Balance and hit him with punches that come over or under the Top. Punches that he would never expect especially if the Punch has Power. Once he knows he is banged up or feels Power, the Key to beating him is simply GGG does not have a clue how to fight going backwards in the middle of the Ring, if he is backing up and is hit with hard Jabs, and Hooks, he retreat to the ropes and Quit he will be so shocked and his power which all comes from going forward were he can plant and lean in and use the other Guys weight almost like hitting a heavy bag, he his opponent and tripped and defenseless. The aspect of a fighter like GGG going backwards with Zero leverage and against a fighter who is banging him up GGG will quit like a three round fighter. I was Talking to John Duddy, who is now a moving Man working for a Company called the Padded Wagon, it was 9 months after Chavez Junior beat John and he was broken hearted, Maybe $ years ago he wanted to get into and I think is still trying to get into show business I told John , Stay in Boxing if you want to get it Acying, but a guy like James Dolan who has made Millions off you wants you to work for Madison Square Garden as a Matchmaker do not turn it down, I really do not know what happened, but surely James Dolan who owns the MSG Madison square garden, Radio City Music Hall and Cable-vision and might end up taking over with John Malone Liberty Media Time Warner cable and all there Cable lines underground, which is priceless it took 30 years to wire the Tri-state area NY, NJ, CT, and maybe Mass. Andre that Saturday night , When Duddy use to have 3 thousand Fans wanting to Talk away from him, he was so broken heart-ed his career ended up with the McLaughlin Brothers stealing Millions from , John did not own a coop-op, Condo, or Home Was driving a 15 Year old career, In tears he told me two things in Ireland I was a great Athlete Scorer, as a defense-man, and Rugby and Irish Hurling and look at my face it was very dark, and reminded me of Requiem of a heavyweight or on the waterfront he was beaten refusing to blame anybody but himself, and giving credit to Chavez junior who he felt won the fight. Now he was through with a settlement and it was not large, above all what he told me when I fought Andre ward in Ireland and maybe in the USA as an Amateur Ward had the greatest Boxing Skills and he was 15, 16, maybe 17 he will be much more than a champion, Andre will be and all time great. John never know about Frank Ward, or your Irish heritage or maybe John was in so much despair and pain he forgot or was trying to heal himself, and I credit his wife Graine, for helping him through so despair that only a beaten hopeless fighter could have know. You Andre are different when GGG, feel your power and is trying to escape and takes the first step backwards double the Jab, if it lands hard a straight right hand will put him down, and he will crumble, Andre I will never forget a You Tube visit by Mrs. Boos maybe your Dad’s sister visiting your Father Grave, Andre he is proud of you and me being a 10 generation Irish_American are Proud of you, your Brother , Wife, and what you represent. Frank Ward you do well. from JKC4554@Yahoo.com James Casssidy

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