Andre Radio Interview 2007

Our notes on an Andre Ward interview on KNBR AM 680 Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Andre is a well spoken young man.

He had a torn thumb ligament that kept him out of match fighting for about 7 months.

Andre said it was fine now; that it gave him a good rest after a very fast year. He continues working hard and saw it as a blessing.

Andre continues his growth as a boxer and as a Christian. “Jesus Christ makes me who I am”. He says he grows daily as a Christian. When asked if he had a nickname he answered “S.O.G.- son of God.”

Ward reflected on his Olympic experience. No partying for him; business first. Took it to heart representing the United States. He noted that the Olympic Village was first class.

Andre fought as a Light Heavyweight in the Olympics, but thought that was not his natural weight at about 155 pounds. It took awhile but he got down to 168 now.  And the Middleweight division is a glamour division. The Super Middleweight division is good too.

Roy Jones is still involved with Andre, though they don’t see to much of each other lately. Jones has a lot going on too.  Dan Goosen still stays involved.

He is ready for his March 29 fight and looks forward to it.  He is currently 10-0 as a pro with 5 knockouts.

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