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Couldn’t resist a quick interview with the card girls by ring side after Andre Ward handily defeated Edison Miranda.  These were the girls (I’m an old man, so they’re girls!) that introduced the beginning of  each round during the fight; carrying, in a very nice way, a large card to each side of the ring (has the ring always been square?) with the coming rounds’ number. Nice young ladies to look at, and maybe something to say.

“The fight was exciting and close” said the blond girl on my left. “This is my first fight.”

The little (they are all rather shapely and definitively smaller than this big out of shape lug) raven headed girl on my right, Michelle, thought they had the best seats in the house. “I enjoyed the fight, and these were great seats they gave us. I’ll do it again!”

Being unprepared for talking to beautiful women (OK, they aren’t girls, just awfully young), as usual, my opportunity ended; I was asked to move so the press people in back could see.  Being old and feeling giddy of the moment (probably low blood sugar) I retreated.

You need to remember that this was after watching a tremendous victory by Andre.  Next time a better job (if not a better time), hey!

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  1. Hey Andre,
    It’s been awhile since we last talked and communicated with each other. Went through some real tough times medically and financially. I became homeless for 1& 1/2 years, living in my astro van up in the White Mountains of Northern Arizona. However with the “Grace of God” and my “Lord & Savior Jesus Christ”, they helped me through this tough time, and now I’m back on my feet again and doing rather well,
    I live in a small mountain town (Payson, AZ) 85-miles north/east of Scottsdale, AZ, and back in the medical field, lecturing, and hands on low level laser treatments.

    My very best wishes for a 2nd successful victory tonight against Sergey Kovolev in Las Vegas. In the last fight, you got up off the canvas from a good right hand shot from the big mouth polooka, and dominated the rest of the fight. There was no question in my mind that you didn’t win that fight.

    Go for It Tonight With “Heart & Soul”
    I’m Always In Your Corner, My Friend.

    God Bless You, Your Family, and Boxing Team!

    Jim Dutra
    Jimmy D.

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