Ward Delivers in Vegas!

Andre Ward defeated Sergey Kovalev at the T-Mobile arena tonight, November 19th, 2016. In our opinion this was Andre’s most exciting and challenging fight.

At the Fight for the WBA, WBO and IBF Light Heavyweight Championship ANDRE WARD VS SERGEY KOVALEV
Nov 19, 2016 12 Rounds – T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Nice crowd tonight, fans are excited. Andre comes into the arena first. Both fighters look good. Andre looks a bit lighter. Both fighters are 6′. The big screen above the ring shows Andre doing a muscleman pose; chest and arms look great. That was the first time I ever saw Andre do that, but he ‘is’ a Light Heavyweight now.

Round Notes
Round 1: Kovalev throws the first punch of the fight; nothing to it. Both boxers do not feel each other out much, soon go right to fighting. Andre works his jab. They both trade right hand punches and then Kovalev connects with a couple of good jabs. Sergey follows with a one two that backs up Andre. Kovalev looking much Better than Andre. Round 1 to Kovalev.

Round 2: opens with Andre throwing several nice jabs. Kovalev then gets a left and a hard right. He moves forward and hits Andre with a right that knocks Andre down. Right hand punches get to Andre. Is it time to worry? I worry. A good score for Kovalev.

Just into Round 3: Ward ties up Kovalev with a tackle, both boxers get a warning by the ref. Andre connects with a good jab, Sergey punches, backing up Ward. A clinch and some feinting closes the round. Kovalev looks the better fighter. I give another round to Sergey. Will this be Andre’s first loss? This ‘is’ only Andre’s second fight as a pro at Light Heavyweight.

Round 4: opens with some nice jabbing by Andre. Kovalev is not as aggressive this round, but he still connects cleanly, landing several hard. There’s good action by both boxers. Andre a bit more defensive. I’m calling it Even.

Andre is dancing around Kovalev this Round 5. He continues to use his jab while Sergey works the stomach. Andre lands a good body punch and after a jab he lands a right punch that make Kovalev feel it. Ward avoids a right. Andre takes this round; his first of the night that I give him.

This Round 6: Andre is looking better than the earlier ones. There are fewer punches thrown in the round. Kovalev lands several rights, Ward a nice body shot. Andre continues jabbing away. Call the round Even.

Round 7: has Andre getting 3 head jabs in a row, but Sergey is ok. The fighters trade a couple of good ones and at the end trade a left jab by Kovalev and a right by Ward. Andre is moving and boxing better and I give the round to Andre.

There seems to be more clutching going on here in the 8th Round. Some of the crowd boos the ref for allowing too much. Andre continues to move around, using his jab to good effect. Kovalev is jabbing more. He lands a left; Andre lands a hard right to Kovalev’s side. Ward looks more in command now, but
I call it Even

Round 9 has Andre showing more of his boxing skills; starting to outbox Kovalev. Sergey connects with a combination. Ward is working on the body more, but also lands some sharp rights. Kovalev bangs another combo and Andre taking punches fine. Andre wins another round.

The fighters are trading some decent punches here in Round 10, going back and forth, both landing counter punches. Kovalev looks like he is bleeding a little over his left eye. Andre is carrying his left down, without worry of Sergey. More punches by Andre are landing. Andre wins round and is winning the second half of this fight.

Round 11: opens with a hard left that moves Kovalev back. After a couple of jabs Kovalev puts a hard right to Andre’s jaw. Some more jabs and Ward connects a left to Kovalev’s jaw. Kovalev goes to the canvas with a push. Andre get a warning. Ward gets the round.

I’m thinking in this Round 12 that Kovalev will need to do some damage to win this fight and keep his belts. Andre goes forward, looking like the great fighter he is. Kovalev is carrying his hands down; he is tired from all the punching he has done. Referee warns Kovalev for a low blow, maybe two. As the round comes to a end Ward counters a right with a left blow to the body. I call this round Even

My score is 4 rounds even, 3 round to Kovalev, and 5 to Andre Ward, now Light Heavyweight Champion and Number 1 pound per pound. (Of course, I am a Andre Ward fan.)

All three judges scored it 114-113 for Ward. I would have not been surprised if it went the other way. It was a great fight and exciting. It was close.

Andre Ward Post Victory Quotes

“What a beautiful thing! We did it baby! It’s a lot of hardware. Surreal! This is what I set out to do. Now I’m a 5X World Champion in 2 weight classes. Man, it’s amazing!

“I thought I won and it sounded like fair scoring.

“Your last fight is always the most important. But I needed this.

“It was about those in the trenches moments. Sergey has no inside game. So my mid-range and inside game is what I focused on.

“After that second round knockdown, I think he (Kovalev) realized I wasn’t going anywhere and I was stepping on the gas.

“The new light heavyweight champion. That sounds good! This was my most important and satisfying win.

“Technically, there is always stuff I can pick apart. I’m not happy about that second round knockdown but I didn’t panic. I was at peace. Now, it was time to fight. It was a flash knockdown. I wasn’t hurt by it. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t hurt by anything he threw.”

VIRGIL HUNTER, Trainer of Andre Ward:

“This is a good feeling. We were careless with that knockdown but we landed the cleaner punches. Kovalev was aggressive but not effective and that’s why we got this win. I’m happy for Andre.”

JAMES PRINCE, Manager of Andre Ward:

“It went just like I said. We crowned David at the end of the night. And Andre would hold those belts up just like Goliath’s head.”

MICHAEL YORMARK, Roc Nation President & Chief of Branding and Strategy:

“Great night! Great performance by Andre! Terrific fight by two great champions. It’s a great moment for Andre and his entire family. Roc Nation is very proud of what he accomplished tonight. On to the next one…”

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