Ward-Froch fight night

National anthem over – stay posted for the latest updates from Boardwalk Hall in Jersey!

Andre & Carl are in the ring now – 934pm EST

Round 1 to Ward
Round 2 to Ward
Round 3
Round 4 in the books
Round 5 underway – Froch hasn’t won a round yet – Froch may have taken this round
Round 6 underway – and over, looks like Ward too that round
Round 7 starting
Round 8 up to date – over, Ward took that round, Froch trying to punch after the bell
Round 9 coming up….- Froch landed some punches in this round
Round 10 – last 3rd of fight! – that was close round… > Andre
Round 11 – Froch looked fresher that round
Round 12 – final round to this historic fight!

The fight is over – waiting points from judges.
The bells, the decision coming!


Trophy presentation now – look for fight videos and post game photos coming up. Congratulations Andre – its been a heck of ride so far.

Andre now ranked #1 in his division in the USA and #2 in the world.

One thought on “Ward-Froch fight night”

  1. Re how to defeat Lucian bute, Jessie Brinkley of here in nevada could’t do it. You(Andre) must take out that long midsection. He (bute) will be vulnerable to power shots to those long inviting ribs Doc quam (former writer for Rusty rubins reno based ring sports magazine)

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