Ward vs Barrera Fight Night Results

Something akin to greatness is afoot in the Oakland sports scene these days … and Andre Ward is certainly a part of this along with the Golden State Warriors who are in the midst of their own historic run. And it is truly fun to be watching both at work.

We have been at Andre’s fights for years – during his early home fights much of the Oracle Arena was empty. It was great to finally see the arena rocking with much higher attendance for his past two fights. Even the suites were full. Relatively few seats were blocked out.

A number of sports celebrities were in attendance including one of the top athletes on the planet, Steph Curry – along with Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, retired running back, Marshawn Lynch and light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev who was sitting ringside. When the camera’s turned to Kovalev, he started grinning and the fans immediately started booing.

Kovalev could be on the cards for a fight with Andre in the next 12 months. Kovalev has at least one more fight scheduled – it remains to be seen as far as timing to when both fighters would face off. Undefeated Kovalev (29-0-1) has fought in the home court of a number of his opponents to date – it would be great if the promoters can get him to the Oracle to face off with Andre. Perhaps this November.

Michael B. Jordan, the actor who played Adonis Johnson in the movie Creed was also ringside. His character sparred with Andre Ward’s character in that movie. After Andre disposed of Barrera, Michael B Jordan jumped into the ring and shadow boxed.

At the post fight press conference Andre graded his own fight a B- or B. Course it has been 9 months since his last fight and this was only Andre’s 4th fight in the past 4 years. Close to the prime of his career now we hope his next fights are spaced closer together. It was also noted at the press conference that Barrera threw 722 punches, but just 111 actually landed for only a 15% hit rate.

Final crowd count: 8532

Full Round Notes Coming Soon
Round One – is underway – fans chanting SOG about 1/2 way through.

Andre finishes Round 2 strong with left hook. Fight goes to Round 3.

Round 3 Ward brings Barrera to the mat.

Ward taken first 4 rounds. Round 5 underway.

Round 8 also goes to Ward – knockdown about 3/4 of the way through the round. Has Barrera’s timing off.

Oakland’s own is delivering an entertaining mostly one sided fight tonight.

Round 12 has started. Ward has probably taken all rounds except perhaps round 11.

—-> our full and final round notes coming soon.

Fight Results
Andre Ward defeats Sullivan Barrera by unanimous decision! Judge’s Scores: 119-109, 117-109, 117-108

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