Ward vs. Kessler

Andre takes down Kessler for win. 11th Round TD. Arena crowd went wild – over 10k here tonight. All three judges favored Ward.

We stayed around for the press conference. Tons of media, lots of questions for both sides. Nice celeb turnout mostly from the sporting world including Hershel Walker, Monta Ellis and former Oakland Raiders. Nice comments from Andre, Virgil and Dan Goosen.

1st time in 42 years a championship fight held in Oakland.

Fight updates from ringside went to our Twitter account: www.twitter.com/andresog

Afterwards: Kessler looked like he just got in a fight. Ward just looked like he came back from an evening jog.

Next fight for Andre rumored to be sometime in March 2010.

SF Chronicle: View article
Fight to re-air on Showtime II, Wednesday Nov 25th 8pm PST

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